These Adaptable Technologies are integrated to form a robust custom system based on need.


LPR (License Plate Recognition) is an image-processing technology used to identify vehicles by their license plates. LPR can be integrated for use with both transient ticket takers, contract parkers and pre-paid tickets.


LPI (License Plate Inventory) is used to collect and record license plate data from vehicles. The data can be used to prevent the use of lost, stolen and swapped tickets.

Parking Guidance System

PGS (Parking Guidance Systems) are designed to facilitate a patron finding an unoccupied parking stall. PGS can employ adaptive lighting sensors, parking space indicators and VMS (Variable Message Signs) to provide a comprehensive system.

Prepaid Parking

Online booking systems provide a convenient option for a customer to book a secure parking reservation. The information is passed to the Management System to allow smooth entry and exit from the facility according to the details of the paid period.


AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification) provides hand free vehicle access solution. This involves a transponder or tag mounted on a vehicle and a RFID Reader that detects and reads the tags information.


EMV is a global standard for credit payments based on chip-card technology. Several smart cards also feature NFC(contactless) functionality, which allows a patron to tap the card rather than inserting.